Pixel ITC

Pixel Information Technology Corporation.


About Us

We help grow your business through the most effective use of technology.


Technology company with a dynamic team aims to build high quality solutions in to best.


Strong multi skills team in system design, mobile and web applications development. Perform towards long term customer relationship to provides support services at competitive.


Mobile Apps Development

Native code environment compatible with latest IOS/Android. Any application contains all the security features and privacy system in accordance with international standards.

Web Design & Development

The look and feel of your app will set the tone for everything else. Our experienced team will deeply understand your needs and design your custom app layout. Our expert team can design web applications to satisfies your needs with creative design and well managed, secured and structured coding.

UI/UX Design

Our UX services include Information Architecture (IA) development, UX mapping, wireframing, Our goal is to enhance user.

Social Media Marketing

We Help you to reach your coustomers fast and efficient by gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites to maximiz Spread Target group in no time!.


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